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          Vigorously rectifying water pollution has promoted the development of the domestic valve industry

          time:2022-1-7from:Hangzhou Kaiwei Valve Group Co., LTD

          Now our country’s environmental problems are very serious, causing great harm to our lives and production. Government departments have been vigorously rectifying, and constantly promulgating various policies for governance. Under this severe situation, the environmental protection valve industry has also developed very well. Urban sewage treatment equipment has greatly promoted the production and sales of environmentally friendly valves.

          The water pollution in our country is very serious. Both the ground and groundwater are very polluted. my country's sewage treatment technology is still relatively rudimentary, and the pollution level is far greater than the sewage treatment effect. Now we have realized the seriousness of environmental pollution. The treatment of domestic sewage and industrial sewage has had obvious effects. International also attaches great importance. On the one hand, governance, on the other hand, subsidies, so as to reduce the sewage phenomenon as much as possible.

          Sewage treatment has promoted the vigorous development of my country's valve industry and opened up a lot of space for our technology industry. The production capacity of my country's valve industry has been greatly increased.


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