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          The importance of stainless steel gate valve in production and life

          time:2022-3-11from:Hangzhou Kaiwei Valve Group Co., LTD

          Stainless steel gate valve has great value in current industrial applications, so its application value is shown by the pen skin? First of all, it can transport a variety of different media, and in the current industrial age, the entire production or life process is inseparable from transportation, and it is necessary to use it when transporting. gate.

          For example, medium in industries such as water, air, steam, etc. is transported. At this time, the gate valve is also a kind of equipment that must be used, and it can also transport highly corrosive media in many industrial applications. We also all know that some media are highly corrosive, which will affect the service life.

          However, if stainless steel gate valve is used, it can also have good corrosion resistance, such as oil, mud, metal liquid transportation, etc., which are also highly corrosive. At this time, if it is other types of valves, It is difficult to achieve the corrosion resistance that you need, but this can be achieved easily.


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