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          The development pattern of my country's three major oil and gas trade ports has taken shape initially

          time:2022-4-8from:Hangzhou Kaiwei Valve Group Co., LTD

          The port is the window of foreign trade, and oil and gas trading is one of its most important businesses. The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed to "give greater reform autonomy to the free trade pilot zone and explore the construction of free trade ports", and domestic ports, large and small, responded one after another. Zhoushan Port, Tianjin Port and Huizhou Port, as coastal oil ports in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle, the Bohai Economic Circle and the Pearl River Delta Economic Circle, play the leading role of the Shanghai Futures Exchange in the oil and gas trade and financial market, and lead the surrounding ports to continuously explore suitable ports for themselves. The oil and gas development path has made the domestic port oil and gas business flourish.

          Since the country has incorporated the exploration and construction of free trade ports into the government's work, ports in various provinces have continuously implemented relevant policies, among which the oil and gas industry has developed rapidly. However, under the dual pressure of the raging new crown epidemic and the downward global economic situation, major ports have been subjected to severe tests, and several indicators of some oil and gas ports have experienced an overall decline.

          In recent years, Zhoushan Port, Qingdao Port and Huizhou Port, which are major oil and gas ports, have grown rapidly through continuous adjustment and planning of oil and gas transactions and targets, forming a new competition pattern for oil and gas ports.


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